How to Care For Your Gold Jewellery

When we buy gold jewelry, it is more than a financial investment. It is an asset for life.

When left by itself gold will not tarnish or rust, but with time, due to environmental factors and the natural wear and tear, gold starts to lose its shine and turns dull. It fails to make the same statement as it did when it was first bought.

Four stone diamond ring

With these useful tips from N.Gopaldas, you can ensure that your gold jewelry will maintain its shine and glamour for years to come.

  1. Firstly, we must treat all gold jewelry with care, even though it is a strong metal, rough handling can lead to scratches and dents in the ornament. We must take special care of the jewelry that we wear regularly, like gold rings, gold chains, gold earrings etc. It’s best to take off these ornaments before doing manual work.
  2. Chemicals are known to damage gold. Most household cleansing agents contain bleach and chlorine that may cause the gold to erode, making it weak and susceptible to breakage. Wear a rubber glove while doing household chores. Avoid wearing gold jewelry while in the swimming pool and in shower. Lily Flower Gold bangle
  3. You can easily clean your gold jewelry at home. Add a few drops of mild detergent in a bowl of luke warm water. Soak your gold jewelry in it for a few minutes and then clean with a soft cloth. You can use a brush with very soft bristles to clean the nooks. Once all the dirt is cleansed, rinse the gold jewelry with warm water and dry. Once dry buff it with soft cotton cloth or muslin.latest Model gold necklace
  4. Longevity of your gold jewelry also depends on how well you store them. Most Indian gold jewelry comes in velvet lined boxes, but a better way to store your gold is by folding it in cheese cloth and putting it in plastic ziplock pouches. These will effectively keep out the moisture and maintain the shine of your jewelry. You can then store it in a box if you like. Make sure to keep your jewelry away from the sunlight.
  5. Finally, whenever you buy online gold jewelry in India, always keep the warranty card with you. You can always take your jewelry to professional jewelers for cleaning. Many jewelers do it for free.

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